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Tree Advice for Architects and Developers

Arboricultural Implications assessments to British Standard 5837

The quality and value of new developments is enhanced by the retention and integration of existing trees providing they are in good condition and appropriately sited in relation to buildings.

This can best be assured if trees are surveyed before development plans are drawn up. This will reduce the likelihood of damage during development or premature removal at a later date. PJD can provide tree surveys at design stage to the specifications set out in British Standard 5837: ‘Guide for Trees in Relation to Construction.’

The provision of a topographical survey (which can be emailed to us) ideally forms the basis of our digital survey plan which features accurately drawn crown spreads and shapes with colour coding to illustrate the ‘retention category’ of each tree. Plans are provided to scale where required and can be emailed back to our designer to overlay onto the proposal.

For major developments or developments on sensitive sites a more strategic appraisal of sites tree cover and the impact of proposals can be provide in order to assist with plan preparation and negotiations with the Local Planning Authority.

Tree Advice for Architects and DevelopersArboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans

Method statements for arboricultural works are increasingly stipulated as a planning condition by local authorities on development sites where trees may be particularly vulnerable.

Our comprehensive statements provide a schedule of operations both before and during the development phase as well as a framework for communication and supervision.

Replacement Tree Planting Schemes

New development often provides opportunities for new planting which, if chosen wisely, will integrate successfully, and improve the overall balance of tree cover on a site. The introduction of young trees can help to ensure continuity of cover, provide screening, improve the diversity of species and add general amenity value. We are landscape designers and our specialist knowledge of trees enables us to make the right choices for new planting which will enhance developments with immediate effect and long into the future.

Our tree planting schemes are designed to complement existing stock, add interest and diversity and avoid tree related problems in the future.

Trees and the Planning System

PJD can provide full support and advice on planning applications involving trees at all stages of the process.

Where developments are proposed which have implications for trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders or other planning constraints PJD is happy to liaise with local authorities and manage applications for necessary works.

Where public inquiries or planning are involved, we can provide experienced expert witnesses to assist with your case.